Did you know we have a physical store in Chelsmford? Come visit us.

Did you know we have a physical store in Chelsmford? Come visit us.

ROTOTO Linen Cotton Ribbed Ankle Socks - 2 Options

Crafted for rugged endurance and all-day comfort, these socks blend the resilience of linen with the softness of organic cotton. Utilising advanced knitting techniques, the cotton interior ensures a smooth, skin-friendly feel, while the linen exterior provides cooling breathability, ideal for long missions in varied climates.

Key Features:

  • Linen-Cotton Blend: Combines two natural fiber yarns for durability and comfort in the field.
  • Premium Materials: Linen sourced from "first-class flax," renowned for its robust and supple fibers, harvested in Normandy, Northern Europe.
  • Organic Cotton Yarn: Spun using compact spinning to prevent fluff formation, ensuring lasting durability.
  • Versatile Design: Basic yet functional, suitable for seamless integration with any uniform or attire.
  • Wide Colour Range: Available in a variety of colours to match different uniforms and preferences.

Operational Notes:

  • Fabric Care: Avoid using a dryer to maintain size and shape integrity.
  • All-Purpose Utility: Ideal for military operations or everyday wear, providing reliable performance and comfort in any situation.

These socks are essential gear for soldiers, offering dependable functionality and adaptability in the field.


  • Small (23-25cm)
  • Medium (25-27cm)
  • Large (27-29)

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